COVID-19 Policy

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues we at Kei-Con are erring on the side of caution and will be following masking and vaccine protocols from earlier in the year. We understand that not everyone is comfortable being around many people unmasked, and would feel much safer if those many people were also masked, and vaccinated. To that effect we are asking attendees to mask up, and bring proof of vaccination.

We will be doing vaccine and temperature checks at the door. Please bring photo ID. 

IF YOU HAVE TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID IN THE LAST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER, OR ON ANY OF THE EVENT DAYS PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE EVENT. Spreading potentially deadly diseases on purpose will get you banned from future events.

All Attendees, Vendors, and Staff will be asked to wear a mask over their nose, mouth and chin during all Kei-Con programming, and whenever inside the venue. Don't dick-mask it guys. 

You may remove your mask briefly to eat or drink, but must reapply it as soon as the beverage is away from your mouth. Walking around with an open beverage without a mask will not count as drinking. We ask that attendees try as much as possible to only take their mask off to eat or drink when they have 6 or more feet of space between themselves and the next closest person. 

You may remove your mask briefly for photos, as long as you are at least 6 feet from anyone else when you do so.

Attendees at the Tea Party may remove their mask only while seated. When you are standing and moving around please wear your mask. 

Kei-Con registration staff will be checking proof of vaccine at the front desk when attendees enter the event. Please remember to bring photo ID, and either a physical, or digital copy.  We're asking that attendees come with AT LEAST two doses of the vaccine, and to please consider getting your first or second booster(3rd/4th dose) at least two weeks before the event if you are able, and haven't done so already.

Social Distancing:
Please give other attendees, staff, and guests adequate space. We know you are excited to see people, but please stop trying to lick them.

For those who are very covid cautious: Please note that while we are checking for proof of vaccination and asking our attendees, staff and guests to wear their masks as much as they can that other guests of the venue are not held to these standards. We unfortunately can only ask these precautions of our own attendees.