2022 Paper Doll Game

Paper Doll Game Rules

Each attendee will receive one (1) paper doll with their base clothing set in their swag bag. By interacting with other attendees, staff, and vendors attendees can get additional wardrobe piece stickers for their doll. We will try to have it so everyone gets some pieces in their swag bag to give out.

Vendors will have two pieces. One for simply visiting their booth. One as a thank you for making a purchase of $15 or more.

The doll characters are as follows:

Team Dolls available in Swag Bags

Cyan: Gothic Lolita. 2x points on gothic items.

Magenta: Sweet Lolita. 2x points on sweet items.

Yellow: Classic Lolita. 2x points on classic items.

VIP Doll

Gold: Boystyle. 3x on boystyle items

Bonus Dolls

Shiro: 1.5x on all lolita items. This doll is available by making a $100 or more purchase from Angelic Forest. 

Kuro: 3x on casual items. This doll is available by making a $50 or more purchase from the Remote Vendors Table.

All doll packs will also be available for purchase for $20 at the remote table.

Now, there is a bit of a strategy to the game. If you play your team doll (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) you get 1 additional point for everyone else playing on your team. If you play the Bonus Dolls you have better overall bonuses, but you don’t get team bonuses.

How to win
At the end of each day we will be tallying up the total number of pieces you have collected during the day.

Tallying will begin one hour before the end of each day (9PM Friday, 5PM Saturday, 3PM Sunday). Tallying will end 15 minutes before the end of the day.

In the event of a Tie the winner will be decided via Musical Chairs Death Match.

At the end of each day the person who has collected the most points (with bonuses calculated) will receive a $50 gift card to The Old Mill Restaurant.

The person with the most points over all 3 days will win a weekend pass to Kei-Con 2023.

We will also be running a contest on Instagram for folks to post their dolls’ coordinates during and after the event. Our favourite coordinate will win a weekend pass to Kei-Con 2023. Submission closes November 1st, 2022. Tag #keiConBattleRoyale to enter.