2024 Code of Conduct

We're excited to have you all join us for Kei-Con 2024, and just want to remind everyone of some basic rules of conduct. When you purchase a ticket to our event, you agree to abide by these rules for the safety and comfort of all , and can expect others around you to extend the same courtesies.  

Those who breach this code of conduct may, at staff discretion with understanding of intent and severity taken into acocunt, incur a warning, disqualification from special perks/prizes, be asked to leave the premises, or in extreme circumstances, could become barred from this and/or future events.


Etiquette – Peer-to-Peer Environments

We're all here to have a good time! We ask all staff, volunteers and attendees to treat each other with graciousness and with respect. Kei-Con 2024 will not tolerate any behaviour that we deem grossly offensive, such as:

 - Breaches of any municipal, provincial, or federal law while acting in association with the convention.

 - Non-consensual recording or photography, as elaborated upon in the Photo and Video Policy.

 - Hate speech, bigotry, bullying, threatening, stalking, groping or “glomping”, or harassment of any kind. This clause includes but is not limited to homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, xenophobia, body-shaming or ableism.

 - Denigration or critique of any attendee’s clothing or appearance, unless explicitly solicited by that attendee.


Etiquette – With Regards To Our Hosts, The Ontario Science Centre

We have an amazing venue this year and want to make sure we show nothing but respect to the space and venue staff for hosting us!

The Ontario Science Centre is an all-ages family attraction: during event hours that overlap with opening hours of the Science Centre especially, we remind you to be mindful of this and to act accordingly. While we expect our attendees to treat members of the public visiting the attraction with respect, the reverse is also true; if you encounter any difficulties please feel free to approach any Ontario Science Centre or Kei-Con Staff for assistance.

The consumption of alcohol or cannabis products on Science Centre property is prohibited. In addition, the smoking of tobacco and the vaping of any products are also prohibited in any space closer than 9-metres from any entrance to the building. 


Etiquette – With Regards To Our Special Guests

Please be respectful of our invited guests. They're people just like you, and can be overwhelmed by folks crowding them. We will have set opportunities for photos with them at the Tea Party and many opportunities for Q&A at the Tea Party and panels.


Kei-Con 2024 attendee badges must be worn at all times while in attendance of the convention. If an attendee’s badge is not visible, a member of staff—here referring both to Staff members or members of the Volunteer team—may ask to be shown the badge, and will instruct the attendee on the proper display of their badge. If an attendee cannot appropriately confirm the presence of their badge, they will be asked to provide proof of payment, and be escorted to Registration so that their badge might be reissued.

In the event of a lost or stolen badge, please see Lost and Found in the Con Aid Office. In the event that an attendee locates a lost or stolen badge, that attendee should deliver it to Lost and Found in the Con Aid Office at their earliest convenience.

For the security of all attendees and guests, Kei-Con badges will *only* be issued directly to the individual listed on the registration, and cannot be given/sold to any another individual, nor picked up on behalf of others. If you are unable to attend and want to transfer your ticket to another person please contact Kei-Con Staff directly first and we will be happy to assist. Circumventing this rule and providing admission to banned individuals (who have been banned from previous events or other local fashion communities) will result in you receiving a ban for this event and future years of Kei-Con.

In the case of tickets selling out, the waitlist for Tea Party tickets will be honoured through TicketLeap's system. Please contact Kei-Con directly to request a refund if you are no longer able to attend, in order to allow the next person on the waitlist a chance to buy their ticket. Refunds will not be available after September 18th 11:59:59PM, 2024.

Between September 18th and October 3rd we are happy to offer a 48 hour grace period in the case of ticket errors or accidental purchases, but after October 3rd no additional refunds/cancellations can be processed.

Attendees, and especially staff/volunteers of the event are asked to remove their badges when visiting non-convention areas of the Science Centre, so as to avoid attendees being mistaken for Science Centre staff members.


Dress Code

All attendees of Kei-Con 2024 must abide by the event’s dress code, including chaperones and guardians where applicable. Dress code is fashion fun: family-friendly alt fashion, J-fashion, and fun outlandish fashion in general! Break out that tux you never get a chance to wear, the fun lolita fashion coord or the neon green balloon pants you've been eyeing for ages.

Style up anything from your wardrobe but your average jeans, khakis and sweats and you'll find kindred spirits here at Kei-Con. Note that this is a fashion-focused event (not costumes/cosplay, please!). We also for safety reasons ask attendees to refrain from clothing that fully obscures identity (full-face masks, mascot suits etc) or that may inhibit movement/cause harm to other attendees moving normally around the space (that 3-inch shoulder spike might look amazingly cool, but also no one wants that to end up in an eyeball).


Prohibited Items

If ownership or possession of an item is prohibited by law in the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario, or Dominion of Canada, it is prohibited at Kei-Con 2024.

In addition to items prohibited by law, please do not bring any alcohol, sexual paraphenlia or mess-producing items (think loose glitter, silly string, spray hair colour etc).


Age Restrictions

Kei-Con 2024 welcomes guests of all ages. Guests 13 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Parents and Guardians will be held liable for the behaviour of children in their care.


COVID-19 Policy

Kei-Con 2024 is a fully masked event. Attendees will be denied access at registration if they refuse to enter with a mask. Additional masks will be made available at reception as needed.


Photo & Video Policy

Attendees may under no circumstances photograph fellow attendees without consent. In addition, attendees shall refrain from photographing guests of honour, panelists, and vendors without their explicit consent.  

That said, in a busy event space with often many photos being taken at once there is always a chance you may appear in the back of someone else's photo or filming may take place.  For attendees who prefer not to be photographed or filmed in any way, there are ‘No Photography’ pin badges available at Con Aid for your use. We expect all attendees to be mindful of these pins, as well as any signs or other visual markers in event spaces prohibiting photography and filming.

Kei-Con media staff will be engaged in general event photography and filming during the event. While staff will abide by our rules for photo consent whenever possible, attendees should understand that by attending the event, there is a chance they may appear in promotional material on our social media and website. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.