About Us

Kei (pronounced like the letter K) is the Japanese word for Style!  Similarly to how we’d use Core to indicate a fashion or style in English (for example Cottagecore, Fairycore, etc) you see it appended to the names of many Japanese street fashions (for example, Visual Kei, Natural Kei, etc).

Founded in 2019 by Rae Dickey, and Jess Houghton, Kei-Con, a celebration of Kei, is a 3-day Alternative Fashion Event held annually in Toronto, Ontario. It is held in the fall and open to all alternative and Japanese street fashion (J-fashion).

Since the first year Jess has had to step down, but with the hard work of our extremely awesome staff, and the support of our lovely attendees Rae has been able to keep the event going.

Friday evening focuses on a second hand alt clothing swap. Saturday focuses on the Fashion Show, and Vendor’s Hall. Sunday Morning focuses on the Tea Party.

Past guests include: Lady Sloth, Lovely Lor, Last Week Lolita News, Angelic Forest, Haenuli, Iris Garden, Belladonna, Lolibrary, Raine Dragon, and Dollfille with Dollybox.online.

Dress code is fashion fun: family-friendly alt fashion, J-fashion, and fun outlandish fashion in general! Break out that tux you never get a chance to wear, the fun lolita fashion coord or the neon green balloon pants you've been eyeing for ages.  Style up anything from your wardrobe but your average jeans, khakis and sweats and you'll find kindred spirits here at Kei-Con. Note that this is a fashion-focused event (not costumes/cosplay, please!)

For the safety of all staff and guests we have a mandatory mask policy. Hope to see you there!