Dress Code

All attendees of Kei-Con 2024 must abide by the event’s dress code, including chaperones and guardians where applicable. Dress code is fashion fun: family-friendly alt fashion, J-fashion, and fun outlandish fashion in general! Break out that tux you never get a chance to wear, the fun lolita fashion coord or the neon green balloon pants you've been eyeing for ages.
Style up anything from your wardrobe but your average jeans, khakis and sweats and you'll find kindred spirits here at Kei-Con. 

Wondering what that looks like?

J-fashion and alt-fashions galore!

There is a wealth of inspiration out there for fun alternative styles of fashion that might suit you. Maybe try out decora for the day, or bring back your favourite old scene kid look. You could build up a beautiful lolita fashion coordinate or style yourself after your favourite visual kei band: the possibilites are endless!


Have fun with your theming and outfit creation, but stick to a celebration of fashion, not costumes!

You may not be able to cosplay Goku here, but if you feel like digging through your closet for an outfit he might wear on the runway, or find a fun collab piece between the series and a punk clothing brand, go for it!

There's nothing wrong with using the odd costume accessory, and taking advantage of all sorts of inspiration sources is welcome, but fashion is first and foremost a celebration of you, and of dressing yourself up in a fun way that showcases your own creativity and style. ♥




We love 'em, require 'em even, but we do still need to see who you are, and you need to see where you're going! Please refrain from any types of clothing or masks that fully obscure identity (full-face masks, mascot suits etc) or significantly limit your own field of vision



Get creative and have fun with it!

Your office probably appreciates the effort you put in to not show up in stained sweatpants, and so do we. No one needs to show up in a three-piece suit (unless they want to!) but adding some thought to your outfit shows us you understand what you're here for and are ready to have fun!



Options for Everyone

No matter who you are and whether you're new to the community, been here forever or are just tagging along for the ride, there are options for you! People of all bodies and genders are welcome at Kei-Con: we're excited to share our creative passions together and are happy to help with any challenges you may be facing in dressing to the event's dress code.


Still Stuck?

Looking for inspiration?  We regularly post a wide range of brunch-theme-inspired outfit collages on our social media with links to the brands and designers represented. Instagram | Facebook

On our Discord we also have outfit planning channels where you can ask for suggestions and advice if you're looking for ideas or resources that fit your style, sizing, budget, etc. Join Us Here!

Finally if it's the day of the event, you've scoured your closet, picked through the thrift shop and still aren't finding what you want?  Our Friday programming (with a slightly more relaxed dress code) features a Swap Meet where community members set up to sell their gently used secondhand fashion goods: you never know what you'll find!