When arriving at Kei-Con, Registration will be your first stop as an attendee and/or vendor, and we're so excited to see you! You'll find us in the W hotel in the Promenade area. Here are some helpful tips that will make the check-in process and subsequent Kei-Con experience go nice and smoothly (with minimal Kei-os):

Have your COVID-19 vaccine paperwork handy either digitally or printed. We will be checking for at least 2 doses of the vaccine for those who are medically able to have received. Please have official medical documentation if you were medically unable to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for Registration to review.

Be prepared to mask! If you forget yours at home, that's ok - we will have a number of disposable masks available at Registration to give you. If you have a medical exemption against masking, we ask that you please bring official medical documentation. We will provide you with a badge that denotes your exception to help well-meaning folks recognize they don't need to reiterate the masking policy. You can find our official COVID-19 policy on a separate tab on this website as well.

-If you have purchased more than one attendee ticket for yourself and someone else, but the tickets are only under one person's name, please arrive together at the desk, or ensure that all folks who have tickets know the attendee's name that is on the ticket order so we can search and confirm accordingly.

Registration will be acting as a Lost and Found hub for Kei-Con. If you find an item, please bring it to Registration for safekeeping. If you lose an item, stop by Registration as someone may have turned it in, and/or we can take down your information in case items need to be returned to you post event.