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2023 Staff Joyce

2023 Staff Joyce

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Name: Joyce

Department: Swap Meet (+remote vending & model)

Main J-Fashion: Lolita

Other J-Fashions you wear: Ko-gal style gyaru

How would you describe your daily style?

How did you get into J-Fashion?
Found a DVD of Kamikaze Girls in my local library international section. Started wearing it after buying directly from Meta in person when they had a booth at Anime North.

About me:
Art school dropout, lived in Toronto for the past 12 years. Love karaoke, live music, and traveling. I like old school shōjo anime, standup comedy, and can't eat without YouTube. I mostly switch between playing Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, and League of Legends.

Where can people follow you online?
Joycetokes on Instagram
Shroomkush on TikTok

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