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2023 Staff Mel

2023 Staff Mel

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Name: Mel, sage_blossom (she/her)

Department: Programming

Main J-Fashion: Lolita (both sweet & gothic ... even my wedding dress was BtSSB!)

Other J-Fashions you wear: Ouji, especially gothic-leaning!

How would you describe your daily style?
Comfy and jewel-toned, lots of sweaters :sweat_smile:

How did you get into J-Fashion?
Cosplayer that flew too close to the sun in the early 2010s and took on another even more expensive hobby :melting_face:

About me:
Mentally a capybara in a yuzu hot spring. Having fun making acrylic jewelry as Strawberry Teapot Accessories.

Where can people follow you online?
You can find me on IG at @sageblossom_frill and @strawberryteapotshop or hanging out in FFXIV/Discord.

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