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2024 Partner: A&A Petti

2024 Partner: A&A Petti

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A&A Petti is the officially authorized English distribution store by Aurora & Ariel, a renowned Taobao indie brand dedicated to producing high-quality and comfortable petticoats.

Shop Description:

"A&A Petti English store was built this year in 2024 while Aurora & Ariel petticoat brand was established in 2015, and our petticoats have been loved by many customers around the world. Our mission is to provide the perfect blend of style and comfort, ensuring every wearer feels confident and elegant in our petticoat. 

Our petticoats have 5 kinds of lengths, which are 35cm, 43cm, 45cm, 60cm, and 78cm. For puffiness, the most popular 35cm and 45cm petticoats both have 5 puffy levels to meet your different occasions, while other lengths have one to three puffiness. All our petticoats come in white and black colors which can match most dresses. The waist of our petticoat fits waist size from 22.8-35.4  inches. Besides the free size and fixed length you can choose, we also provide customization service for plus size customers, and also can customize any petticoat length between 35cm and 78cm (13.8" to 30.7") for you.

We have created a special coupon code for Kei-Con attendees, and you can use coupon code “Best2” at check out to enjoy 2$ for your orders."


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