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2024 Staff Alice

2024 Staff Alice

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Name: Alice

Role: Guest Relations

Favorite brunch item?: Eggs

Main J-fashion: Lolita

Other J-fashion: Jirai, Streetstyle / Alternative
How would you describe your daily style?: More casual tee & corduroy look but I bring coordinated matching style from Lolita Fashion into my everyday looks.
How did you get into J-Fashion?: After seeing the style at anime conventions for years I decided that is what I want to wear. Luckily I had a friend in the community and was able to learn and grow my collection quickly!

About me:
Very socially active, I'm someone who is passionate about my family and friends. I'm a labour activist, an elected union representative & a library worker. I enjoy cooking (but mostly eating), reading, knitting, rock climbing, and recently have spent a surprising amount of time binging K-Dramas. I have always loved playing with my personal fashion style & dressing up

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