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2024 Staff Grey

2024 Staff Grey

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Name: Grey

Role: Con Aid

Favorite Brunch Item?: Strawberry Parfaits

Main J-fashion: Lolita

Other J-fashion: Visual Kei

How would you describe your daily style?: My day to day style is a time capsule of an emo middle schooler. Weekends are when I become a frilly, petticoated fiend.

How did you get into J-Fashion?: I grew up in California, and being the little weeb I was, loved begging my parents to take me to Little Tokyo. They had a Cure store there, where they held vkei events and took street snaps for the magazine. People in full coords would come in, so I was exposed to it that way.

About me: Hi, I'm Grey, and I've been in the j-fashion world for 13 years now! I have three cats, which is not a great combination when you only wear black. I love Moi dix Mois, AatP, and anything vampire themed.

Where can people follow you online?
@heizl_ on Instagram!

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