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2024 Staff Ierrei

2024 Staff Ierrei

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Name: Ierrei

Role: Social media support

Favorite Brunch Item?: Anything pastry

Main J-fashion: Lolita

Other J-fashion: Gothic/punk

How would you describe your daily style?: Lol i work from home so comfortable 😅 but if I'm going out I'm in daily Lolita or gothic/punk style

How did you get into J-Fashion?: GLB and anime

About me: I'm a big girl; both in size, melanin, personality and petticoat. As an older Lolita (40...she approaches) and a mother, I love encouraging people to be as weird, free and lovely in their own bodies as possible 😀. Life is going haywire, lets look fabulous while doing it.

Where can people follow you online? I have the same name on IG

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