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2024 Staff Mari

2024 Staff Mari

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Name: Mari

Role: Partnership

Favorite Brunch Item: Classic poached eggs and hollandaise

Main J-fashion: Lolita

How would you describe your daily style?: Pastel Comfy

How did you get into J-Fashion?: As a kid I used to scroll through sites like Tokyo Rebel NYC, Putumayo, BTSSB, etc, for hours on end, but forgot all about it until 2019, when one day in the bus I saw my local comm on the way to a meet and fell down the rabbit hole (still on free fall to this day)

About me: I live near Montreal with my partner, our two dogs and two cats. Ask me about pets and I'll talk about them for hours and show you hundreds of pictures. If I'm not at the dog park or the vet office, you'll likely find me playing puzzle games on my Switch, building a jigsaw puzzle, or puzzling over my sewing machine—seriously, why did it eat my fabric this time?

Where can people follow you online?: @midnightmagic3

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