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2024 Staff Mel

2024 Staff Mel

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Name: Mel

Role: Programming

Favorite Brunch Item: Waffles

Main J-Fashion: Lolita

Other J-fashion: Ouji

How would you describe your daily style?: Comfy and jewel-toned, lots of sweaters

How did you get into J-Fashion?: Cosplayer who flew too close to the sun in the early 2010s and ended up with another expensive hobby that makes people look at me weird in public 🥰

About me: Bakes a lot. Picnics are my life-force. Constantly stopping my cat from consuming Objects.

Where can people follow you online? Probably rambling about tag updates in the Lolibrary Discord or here on insta at @sageblossom_frill / @strawberryteapotshop

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