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2024 Staff Nat M

2024 Staff Nat M

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Name: Nat M

Role: Website (main) & Guest Relations (additional support)

Favorite Brunch Item: Omlette rice

Main J-fashion: Lolita

Other J-fashion: Cult-Party Kei

How would you describe your daily style?: Old man swagger

How did you get into J-Fashion?: Complimenting a Lolita’s outfit when i was 9! They kindly explained the fashion to me and I’ve been a fan ever since.

About me: I’m a digital creator, magazine collector, and avid library-goer! My favourite eras of lolita fashion are proto-lolita and old-school! Nothing makes me happier than seeing fellow BIPOC jfashionistas rocking their coords! I run a street snaps page on Instagram that documents alternative (and otherwise cool) fashion in Tkaronto!

Where can people follow you online? @timfartons.mag

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